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These people are doing races.

15 july 2017. Moscow Raceway. Russia. Russian Endurance Challenge - 4 hour race. Few frames due to the behind-the-scenes race. Spectators on races is if interesting, but not at all. And in teletranslation, it gets only if someone with equipment has not coped with and the work of marshals and evacuation teams.

So, approximately, the marshal's post of the year on the track looks all right. Pilots are pushing. Marshals vigilantly watch the execution of all motorsport rules.

Or here so observe.

Uncle Vova Cherevan (the most experienced pilot in Russia, who is 58 this year) broke his Radical in the Mercedes-arena. That no one would drive into it at full speed, it must be pushed out of there from track. Evacuation team to the exit!

Flag-Marshal from the post 1. She decides when and whom to go, and when to stand and be afraid! The finish flag is in her hands to see all the racers at the Moscow Raceway.

TV operators and photographers work in "fields" regardless of time of day and weather.

Yes. In any weather. Yes under snow, hail and rain.

And at this time the nameless employee of the autodrome is preparing a parking for the guests of the Moscow stage of the DTM.

The track is quiet, but life is boiling in the pits. There, the mechanics are preparing the race car, and then they repair it and get sick for their pilots.

The gentlemen driver paid for the race - everything, the car must have sponsorship stickers. And not just so, but in the most prominent place. Who usually glues them? Correctly, the person in charge of PR in the team: Katerina Kukushkina from the team B-Tuning in the position of "head in flowers, a priest in the soap" before the start of the four-hour race.

A long race is almost always a change of tyres and refueling of a racing car. That's how it was under Volokolamsk on July 15. Radical SR3. Stepan Krumilov already left the car. His sword-bearer faithful mechanic Pasha pours racing gasoline on the next stint.

The race, already under cover of night, was successfully completed. All cars, according to the rules, go to a parc ferme. Marshals of the pitlane help the pilots not to get lost in the dark.

And in conclusion: russian voice of DTM, our commentator and friend Sergei Bednaruk. For four hours he did not let the spectators in the track and youtube viewer. Moscow Raceway commentator room.

This is how the race looks like that.

Racing is Life. Anything that happens before or after...is just waiting.

Thank you Google translator for the kindly provided translation.
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